The State of Cloud Storage in 2013

Cloud storage has been a hot topic in 2013. At my employer we have about half our primary storage in the cloud. This infographic gives you an idea of where cloud storage is today.


The State of Cloud Storage in 2013

by carolcavaleiro.
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6 thoughts on “The State of Cloud Storage in 2013

  1. Thanks Jason for this post to show us the state of cloud storage. Personally I use cloud storage because I am afraid that I could loss my important files if something wrong happens i.e. Harddisk crashed or virus attack. Some cloud storage services gives security to our files.

  2. Thanks for sharing such nice article on state of cloud storage…..I like the way present it….i personally use Dropbox cloud storage for all my important files because i knw that it is the safest way to store….and it is very easy to manage like drop down option….and it is lives in your file system so it will be very easy to upload any file from PC to Dropbox and vice versa….

  3. Hi Thanks for the inforgraphics…its very useful..i use justcloud cloud storage service for all my file storage services..have apps for smartphones etc., and currently i’m using shared hosting to host my websites..planning to move to Amazon AWS in 1 or 2 months..

  4. Thanks Jason for this information. I used two cloud storage one in microsoft and the other one in dropbox. I prefer to use this two just in case one of them failed then I still have another one.

    1. the consumer version of onedrive is different than onedrive for business. there are desktop applications that allow you to manage your cloud storage from one location but multiple clouds, example onedrive and dropbox.
      You could also use something like ifttt to have it copy any file from onedrive to dropbox for you.

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