Why Should You Get a DDoS Mitigation System?

Security is like an onion you need to have multiple layers. One layer is blocking attacks from outside. Here is a infographic talking about mitigating DDOS attacks

Why Should You Get a DDoS Mitigation System?

Banks, online shops, and even educational websites typically require customers and visitors to enter sensitive information in order to gain access to their services. There was a time at the dawn of the internet age when consumers were wary about providing this information online. However, internet security has come a long way in the last decade and it is the rare person today who refuses to trust online sites. Most people expect that every site they use will be safe and secure. A site that is constantly crashing will be viewed as being unsafe and the end result is that the vendor who owns the site will lose business. Given all this, it is in your best interests as an online merchant to keep your website well-protected and the best way to do this is to use a DDoS mitigation system. A DDoS mitigation system works by screening the millions of data points that stream through your website to identify any that pose a threat and shut down an attack. Without a mitigation system in place, a website and all the consumer information contained within is vulnerable to attack, and what vendor wants to be known for running an unsafe website?

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  1. Thanks Jeson for this awesome post. I would like use DDoS mitigation system on our Websites. Do you know any company Reliable on this matter?

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