Top 5 Tablets on the Market: Which One is Best for You

Tablets are experiencing rapid growth in popularity. NDP predicts that tablet shipments will outnumber laptops for the first time in 2013. If you’re one of the interested buyers for these innovative products, you have lots of options available to you.

Apple iPad 4th Generation ? The Best of the Best

The iPad was the first serious player in the tablet market and continues to hold a place of pride as one of the best options available. The fourth generation iPad offers some upgrades over earlier versions. The front-facing camera is now HD for sharper photos and improved video recording. An A6X processor offers enhanced speeds and better overall performance. If you’re a fan of Apple products and don’t mind the price tag, the iPad is your ideal choice.

Kindle Fire ? For Multimedia at an Affordable Price

The Kindle Fire focuses its functionality almost exclusively on media consumption. If your main interest in a tablet is reading books and watching videos or movies, this is the best option. The price is much lower than what you’re looking at for an iPad or high-end Android device. The Fire HD offers a high-resolution screen that will further improve multimedia viewing. You’ll sacrifice some in the way of games and apps, but the media gains are worth it for the right user.

Google Nexus 7 ? A Compact Option for Budget Buyers

The Google Nexus 7 is one of the most affordable options available in the tablet market. This compact device has a 7-inch screen so it’s convenient for users who want something small when they’re on-the-go. This product lacks a back camera and memory expansion options, but it has all the essentials for beginning tablet users. The Android operating system gives you access to all the apps in the Google Play store. Other features include a GPS, a 1.3GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, and Wi-Fi support. will give you lots of options for connecting your tablet to the Internet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ? The Top of the Android market

If you prefer Android tablets over the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the best option. This tablet features a stylus that increases functionality with?note-taking and drawing apps. With Adobe’s PS Touch, you can even rest your hand on the screen while using the stylus thanks to the palm rejection feature. ?This tablet also works as a universal living room remote, taking the possibilities for a tablet to a whole new level. With the split screen feature, you can run up to 6 apps simultaneously with each one visible in its own section of the screen.

Microsoft Surface Pro ? For the Busy Professional

If you work with a Windows operating system and want to increase your productivity on-the-go, this is the tablet for you. The Microsoft Surface Pro runs Windows 8 so you can enjoy nearly all the functionality you get on a laptop with this tablet. Other features include an Intel Core i5 processor, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and a detachable keyboard.

With so many options on the market, there’s a tablet for every type of user.

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23 thoughts on “Top 5 Tablets on the Market: Which One is Best for You

  1. Thanks for the article. I have been using the samsung tablet and its great to read about other tablets too. Hope to buy the Apple one soon.

  2. samsung and its products have created quite a hype in the market. There are a lot of variations in its products which make it easy to select for the potential customers.

  3. Thanks for the article. I have been using the samsung tablet and its great to read about other tablets too. Hope to buy the Apple one soon.

  4. I have used all of them except the Microsoft’s Surface.
    I guess it is not yet released in my country.
    Anyways, thanks for the article.

    1. I had the original kindle fire generation 1, its a nice device but I prefer the google play store because it includes my android phone and asus tablet.
      But amazon does give you the carrot to use their system with amazon prime video and the ability to checkout some books from amazon’s library.

      I think the new nexus 7 is a better device and i’m giving one away at check it out!

    2. The newest Kindle Fire HDX is even better. I just got one and I don’t see why anyone would buy another Android tablet if they already have Amazon Prime.

      1. The kindle fire HDX is a great unit, but unless your already tied into the amazon ecosystem.I would go with a pure android device so you can access the google play store.
        Thanks for stopping by.

        1. It only takes a few button presses to get the play store on your kindle! It’s not hard.

          1. realy? huh. do you have to jailbreak it or load another ROM?
            Do you know if you can get the google play store on the fire tv?

  5. I’m using ipad mini and very satisfied with it. When it comes to apps, i think apple app store has more options than google. Unfortunately, the parental controls of ioad are not that good compared to kindle and the new nexus 7 so for kids, i’d get the kindle fire hd.

  6. Firstly I was using Nexus 7 but now I have opted to Apple iPad 4th Generation. really great change over from the previous one

    1. I recently started using the surface pro at work. Since the windows 8.1 upgrade the device rocks. For me the stylus with one note is the best I’ve ever used. I use it at conferences,meetings, and our one on ones to take notes.
      I also have an asus android tablet but its for personal use. Surface pro is all business.

  7. Thanks
    DJ miller . Awesome collection of top 5 tablets on the market. For me, I don’t afford to buy these tablets and many of them are not available in my country. But thanks to Bangladeshi Brand Walton. I love Wal Pad 7.

  8. wow !! Great comparison am actually looking for (medium sized budget tablet) this difference mainly ipadmini vs nexus 7 . I never thought that nexus 7 has that much of great performance rather then ipad !! Every one has told me to prefer ipad{I purchased πŸ™ } then nexus 7 . But , your useful information has changed me to nexus 7 !! Thanx for your informative comparison πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. One diasppointment with the Note (and all Samsung Android devices) is that they have HDCP permanently active on the MHL/HDMI connection.

    We use Elgato’s excellent Game Capture HD to record our apps for reviews and presentation purposes. This works fine on our iPad and iPhone, they only turn on HDCP when transmitting protected content.

    The Samsung’s on the other hand (Galaxy S3, S4, Note 10.1 2013 Edition) all encrypt the signal, whether protected content is being sent or not!

    Luckily we had an employee with a Moto Xoom, so we could use that for recording our apps, as it does not use HDCP as standard.

  10. Hi,
    In all notepad market samsung have always maintained their place. they have a solid reach in customer base. Not only in notepad but also in Mobile Handsets.Now samsung Galaxy comes in differnt varients

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