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All of us know that comparing to Windows users, the amount of Mac users is rather modest. Of course, this is so not because Mac is bad or something ? just Windows is cheaper, it is advertised much more and, if to be absolutely frank, it makes people think in the same way, solve problems in the same way and act in the same way. Moreover ? a god deal of Europe and the whole Asia use illegal Windows copies ? this happens because Windows kernel is much more plain than any other, and the pirate versions of it are spread all over the world. To sum up, we can easily draw a parallel line between Windows OS and pop music ? they both use the same principles of pseudo universality, overall popularity and flocking instinct.

Mac users are a bit different. The difference is that they don?t usually like someone?s standards, are more likely to follow some innovative means of dealing with any problems (well, to the certain extend, of course ? as for me, I prefer some older, but sure ways of eliminating a virus or cleaning the Mac ? because not all innovative programs are really good today, you have to follow the topic in order to understand what is going on in this sphere now) and just love more aesthetic and beautiful things.
We have to confess that the last version of Windows 8 interface ? Metro ? is rather successful with respect to design. Yet it is oriented on tablet devices ? it remains rather usable even on a computer?s screen and can really be called one of the most successful graphical user interfaces ever made by Microsoft.

But for those who really do like beautiful graphic interfaces and want something original to be installed onto their Mac, it?s advisable to check out a few themes specially designed for Mac users. The matter is that a lot of users who are proficient at objective programming and design use to create their own, unique themes to be used on Mac OS X. As a result, people have an opportunity to enjoy the most prominent, juicy and interesting themes that reflect their mood, their emotions or anything else you want to share. You can find as many examples as you wish ? 3D icons, unique visual effects and much more ? there is a great variety even for the most scrupulous user.

Some people manage to decorate Macs in other way ? they put stickers on them. And it?s worth to tell that some of them have impressive results ? a usual MacBook looks more like a surrealistic picture of Salvador Dali or Max Ernst.

Many of today?s Mac fans also have a tendency to enhance Macs. It happens because a new Mac costs a considerable sum of money, and the old one is still usable and nice-looking. A good solution is to add a plate of RAM into the MacBook, or to add a SSD (when you add it, it looks like you have improved your CPU two generations ahead). These and some other tips, which are going to be shown in the next article, can help to improve your Mac and make it unique and interesting-looking.

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