Uninstalling applications on your Macintosh

Anyone who already tried uninstalling applications on a Mac knows that this task is not that easy as it seems to be at the first glance. For those who don?t understand what this all is about it is recommended to read a couple of paragraphs below.

Any operating system has its own algorithms of functioning. Whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac OS X ? each of them has certain pros and cons, and among cons there is a following unpleasant moment: in order to simplify the access to the installed programs and applications, the Mac OS creates certain files and data entries that allow it browse through programs, their adjustments and other stuff as quickly as possible. Software developers know about it and often create products which allow themselves to create different entries on their own.

But the time flows, the abovementioned products get refreshed, or replaced by some more up-to-date software applications. The old ones, subsequently, are deleted from our Macs. But the problem is that they are not deleted entirely ? they leave a lot of different files, adjustment entries, license information and other garbage which continues to eat space on our Mac, taking the CPU percentage of usage and eating up RAM. As Mac OS X has no in-built tools for cleaning the Mac, we have to perform the task in other ways ?to buy third-party software and to perform a full uninstallation manually. Here we are going to discuss some kinds of uninstalling software and its tips and cons.

The first one is AppTrap for Mac ? an interesting and very simple solution for those who want to take minimal part in uninstalling process in general. The graphical interface is in fact absent. The whole program is hanging in the background and waiting for something to be dragged into the trash bin (well, this is what you have to all in all ? because everything else is done by it). Once we drag something to the trash bin, the program asks if we want to remove everything completely, and once we press yes the results are quick and more or less adequate. AppTrap for Mac is a good decision for those who don?t want to mess around with different adjustments and other things ? you just drag the icon, as you?re used to, and everything else is done automatically.

The second one worth telling about is
AppCleaner for Mac ? a very similar application, much like AppTrap. The difference is that it has a simple graphic interface, and it provides some simple info concerning the file you?re going to delete, shows its binds inside your OS and a couple of other useful things. Much like the previous one, it will be useful for those who don?t want to take part in their computer cleaning ? just drag and drop files in order to get rid of them quickly. The privilege of AppCleaner is that it is damn often refreshed ? the developers don?t eat their bread in vain.

The third variation is AppZapper. The principal difference between the abovementioned ones and this one is that it provides a bonus search option, which allows to search for some garbage data and delete it from the HDD. A very useful option, because, as a rule, there are a lot of some junk files on the HDD the moment you install the application for cleaning.

Another option would beMacKeeper, a tool which has a module for cleaning out junk files from the Mac. It doesn?t have any principal difference from the abovementioned ones, but has a got a couple of other useful functions that can be useful for Mac ? so that you don?t have to buy them. It is a good variant who want to buy something all-in-one and not to pay for everything separately.

It?s also strongly advised to check out the specialized forums for additional info ? people who sit there are rather proficient at the topic.

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