Partition Manager ? An Easy and Efficient Way to Manage Partitions on Mac

Sometimes in order to increase the efficiency of your Mac, you either want to add some space to a small partition or want to trim the unused space of a large partition. Moreover, there are situation in which you want to delete a partition completely from your Mac or at times you want to add all new partition. Though, ?Disk Utility? of Mac can do this to an extend but it too has some limitations and we can say that? the inbuilt utility of Mac i.e. ?Disk Utility? is not an advance utility to provide secure and simple methods to resize, create, or delete a partition in Mac. Therefore, in order to do all this more efficiently it is advisable to use third-party partition manager software.

There are various tools for managing the partition(s) of your Mac are available online however reliable and authentic partition manager software has below mentioned features:

  • The software has simple user interface by which you can easily resize, delete, create, or format an existing partition and thus optimizes the free space of your system.
  • Authentic partition manager software gives you an option to perform batch operations which prevents you from the risk of data loss.
  • The software generally gives you an option to roll back or undo your last selection which you either have made accidentally or you made to perform an action but later think not to proceed further.
  • The software gives you an option to create bootable DVD by which you can perform various partitioning operation on the boot drive. However, before working on your boot drive, you need to backup all your important data.

Aforementioned features of may help you to select the best tool out of a long list of partition manager tools available. One of the awards winning and efficient software for the same is Stellar Partition Manager. The software has very intuitive user interface by using which you can efficiently manage partitions including the Boot volume of your Mac without causing data loss.

By using this software you can create, delete, format, or resize on any drive of your Mac without causing data loss. The software has a feature by which you can roll back the last selection which you made to perform. The software also has feature to hide a partition so that you can make your important information inaccessible by unauthorized users. At any time, if you want to reveal this hidden partition, you can safely do that by using ?Reveal? option. Moreover, the software is compatible with the latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7.


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  1. Mac is highly efficient as it is. This software will surely enhance its abilities. Thanks so much for the link-sure to check it out.

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