Paper to Pad…iPad That Is!

iPad: Bringing Apple Back to the Classroom

A schematic of a traditional and a virtual cla...
A schematic of a traditional and a virtual classroom. In the virtual classroom, every student can be sitting in front of the teacher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The current trends in education implement a variety of technological advances. iPads, for instance, provide students with convenience, security and an affordable education. These advances assist students in the traditional classroom but also pave the way for an increase in virtual classroom attendance. For anyone pursuing college degrees, iPads offer innovative technology that simplifies the educational process and makes earning an online bachelor degree easier than ever.

How do iPads make education convenient?

Everyone agrees that technology adds flexibility to the educational process, and most students are already familiar with portable technology in their daily lives and careers. The iPad is merely an extension of the technology they enjoy outside the classroom. The variety of available apps turns the iPad into an educational tool without equal. Instead of maintaining binders full of notes, students carry one device that organizes and collates the notes they take during class and the data they need to access when completing projects. Additional features allow visually impaired or deaf students to access class work easily through video and voice assistance.

For additional convenience, a data connectivity subscription provides students with access to class from any location. They can communicate with instructors, complete research projects and review notes from home, vacation or the office. Because of these features and others, the transition to a virtual classroom is easier than ever. Reducing the dependence on pen and paper offers students a new way to earn a degree, meet employment requirements or take adult enrichment classes online. Technology like the iPad opens the doors for students to find success in the virtual classroom and beyond.

How do iPads make education secure?

Confidentiality is a big deal today. An iPad assists in maintaining confidentiality while giving students access to a variety of classes. Gone are the days of writing a paper by hand, losing the notes and failing the class. Students securely submit exams and research papers online without fear of losing valuable time and effort or jeopardizing the class requirements. Multiple layers of online security and add-on security features ensure students receive assistance in keeping their class work and private information confidential and secure.

How do iPads make education affordable?

The cost of purchasing textbooks represents a significant difficulty for some students, not to mention the cost incurred by schools as they print syllabi, course materials and exams. In addition to these expenses, the environment pays as trees and other resources are used to create the mounds of paper needed for traditional classrooms. Using iPads in school can also result in reducing the likelihood of strains and sprains caused by overloaded backpacks. While the cost of iPads is an initial investment, these devices pay for themselves over time as they reduce the financial burden incurred by students and schools.

Technology and education are here to stay. This winning combination is the future of education. The iPad simply makes the educational process more convenient, secure and affordable for students, and simplifies the transition from traditional classroom to the virtual arena. With this transition, everyone benefits and education is poised to progress significantly in the 21st century.

5 thoughts on “Paper to Pad…iPad That Is!

  1. It seems from the content of your article that you have an interest in making technology in education affordable. You might want to check out Novachi, they provide a free social learning platform that works on all web 2.0 capable devices like the iPad.

  2. The iPad has cetainly made it’s mark in the US as the platform of choice for learning in the classrom. In the UK, it’s confined to Fee Paying Schools, where the school can afford to hand them out to the students. However, their application outside of school education has been pretty extensive. From Military use to Medical use, they appear to have entered just about every other form of educational establishement possible.

  3. However, their application outside of school education has been pretty extensive. From Military use to Medical use, they appear to have entered just about every other form of educational establishement possible.

  4. Ipad has already made its mark in developed countries. Since i belong to India i can tell you that technology is growing rapidly in field of education rapidly. Glad to read this useful piece of article. Hope to see this mode soon in my country.

  5. Oh! There’s no doubt about ipads making education convenient. However, there’s a little problem with security. Probably, education authorities will work on that since whether they like it or not they’ll face that kind of problem.

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