Top VoIP Apps for the iPhone

VoIP?has become a favored way to communicate on the web in recent years. Although there have been recent technological advances that offer certain superior services, traditional VoIP can’t be beat simply because of its free or inexpensive services and its widespread use. For mobile users, a few of the best VoIP apps include:


Although Skype may not be the absolute best as far as software is concerned, it is by far the best to communicate with because of its popularity. Nearly everyone is familiar with Skype, making it incredibly easy to get into contact with friends and family.


Fring is a video chat app that will allow you to chat via a wifi connection. The best thing about this app is that it is easy to you and you can communicate with friends and family whether they have an Android or Apple phone.


With Viber no account or cash is needed to use the VoIP. All you have to do is make sure that whoever you are calling using Viber also has an account ? otherwise it will cost you minutes.


Not only is iCall free, but it allows free calling to the US and Canada and gives you notifications when you receive incoming calls. If you’re willing to pay for the service, you can get it ad free and make relatively cheap international cars.


TruPhone definitely comes at a steeper price, $12.95 a month, but the service it offers is a little more advanced than other free services. With TruPhone you can make unlimited calls to 38 countries and to cell phones in 9. You are also able to call other users with TruPhone, Skype, and Gtalk.

While more advanced services used on computers, such as Vonage, offer much better VoIP than apps do, mobile apps have come a long way. So if you are looking for a great way to save minutes yet still be able to speak with friends and family, check out the various VoIP services available through your appstore.

9 thoughts on “Top VoIP Apps for the iPhone

  1. i need a suggestion, Which is the best voip app for iphone in term of quality and pricing? currently using skype, viber and friendcaller

  2. I?m a firm believer in utilizing our latest advances in technology in pone system h to save money. Over the past years I?ve done almost all of my international calling with Skype and other VOIP providers and saved a ton of money.So I am highly appropriate about the apps.

  3. Does Skype provide a VoIP App for iphone or just VoIP? This is an interesting concept while learning how to make your own iphone app

  4. I am planning on traveling internationally next year, and I want to run my business from the road. I want to use a Voip App on my iphone that is either free for calls to the US or low cost ($0-$15/mo.). Because I will be calling other businesses and customers, apps like Skype are out of the question. I really need an App that doesn’t cut out in the middle of conversations and so far I have not found one that does. Am I dreaming or is there a higher quality Voip on the market that has similar call quality to normal cell phone service or even a land line?

  5. If you need to call only the US numbers then I would recommend using this app, KNCTR. I live in Canada and use it to call my relatives in the US. It works fine for me and I have no complains about sound quality, but this app only for Windows PC.

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