New iPad / iPad 3

The Top 6 Gadgets Of 2012 That Will Change Your Life

Everyone loves gadgets as they make our lives easier and more fun. Electronic wizardry has transformed the world as we know it over the past decade and 2012 brings a whole slew of new items for productivity and play. Some of these wonders will be released early in the year, while others will make us wait until the end of the year holiday time before we can get our hands on them. Here is a list of the Top 6 Gadgets of 2012 that will change your life.

iPad 3

New iPad / iPad 3

The third generation iPad features an eye popping retina display that is unlike anything the world has ever seen. Razor sharp text and vibrant colors rest in a deep field of 3.1 million intensely packed pixels. It features a 5mp iSight camera and enables you to record 1080p HD video. Not to mention the well over half a million apps that you can download with a single touch. With similar dimensions to its predecessors, this new iPad will fit in most cases designed for the iPad 2. While the tablet revolution has been well underway for the past few years, iPad 3 may just fire the shot that wins the war.

PlayStation Vita

Playstation Vita

Gamers rejoice, as there is finally a handheld gaming device that offers both 3G as well as WiFi capabilities. This means, that with this little piece of magic, you can engage in multi-player games with others from around the globe while you are on the go. With a touchscreen on the surface and a touchpad bringing up the rear, controlling your characters has never been more fluid or more realistic. The player also features a 6-Axis motion center that offers an incredible amount of flexibility when manipulating characters on the screen. You can also track down nearby players with the built in GPS.

Fitbit Aria

– This WiFi smart scale is certain to revolutionize the way that we watch our weight. The scale not only measures your heaviness, but also weighs in on your BMI and body fat percentage. Those totals are then wirelessly uploaded to the Fitbit site for safe keeping. The stylish scale features a glass top, some sleek lighting and a snazzy built-in, circular display. It will recognize each user that steps up to be weighed and the intuitive Fitbit site will provide you with all of the graphs, charts and data you need to track your progress. All of the data can be viewed and manipulated from your home computer or mobile device.



– The gadget to help you hold all of your gadgets will not only keep them safe from the outside elements but will also charge them for you. While these bags have been around for a few years, the recently released line takes the concept to a whole new level. Choose from messenger bags, briefcases and backpacks for gear that will keep you charged while you travel. The latest products in this advanced line of logical luggage feature a convenient charge level indicator built in to the on and off switch that is disguised in the logo on the outside of the bag.

Kindle Fire

– If you are a bibliophile that has been holding out on purchasing an e-reader for ethical reasons, Kindle Fire may be just the thing that brings you into the world of virtual books. Exceptional screen quality is coupled with an affordable price to create and all-in-one tablet that allows you to do just about everything. The 7-inch device features a powerful Web browser and allows you to shop in the Android app store. You also have access to the millions of books, music and videos that Amazon offers in digital format.

iPhone 5

– While the iPhone 4S sent the smartphone world simmering, the iPhone 5 is set to have it bubbling over. Rumored to have a whopping 64 GB, this phone will likely feature double the storage space of its predecessors. The rumor mill also whispers of voice control and a slightly larger screen to watch all of that video it will be able to hold. The new phone will likely feature a retina display that is similar to the one sported by the latest generation iPad.

This article was written by Robin Marchant – National Marketing Manager of BrennanIT -providers of IT Services Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

4 thoughts on “The Top 6 Gadgets Of 2012 That Will Change Your Life

  1. There’s some cool gadgets there. If I had the money I’d buy most of them, I’m turning into a geek at a very advanced age. Thanks for the reviews!!

  2. Indeed its a Good list but the best one is Ipad3 as you can utilize the features of other Gadgets in it as well.

    At time I think that technology has already go so beyond and what would be next that will replace these gadgets.

  3. I’m definitely looking forward to the iPhone 5. I was a bit disappointed with the minimal upgrades added to the 4s so I’m expecting big things!

    The WiFi scales look pretty interesting too because I’m into fitness related stuff but I’m yet to find any electronic scales that measure bodyfat percentages accurately. Most of them give pretty random results and aren’t as accurate as calipers.

  4. Hi
    The I pad 3 and I phone 5 are both great hits but what about Samsung now in 2013 are they going to keep eating in to apples share of the market at the top end????

    What do you think lee

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