4 Food Related Time Saving Android Apps For Busy Moms

As we get older, many women find that their list of chores grows from only having to take care of schoolwork to the never ending responsibilities of caring for a family, keeping house and often having to hold down a job. As the list of daily tasks grows, none of us are given more than 24 hours each day. Taking advantage of the latest time saving Android smart phone apps will help you fit everything into your schedule.

List Making

If you don?t need to look at recipes, Our Groceries will help you manage all of your grocery needs. This app will help you keep inventory of your supplies at home, track coupons, remember previous shopping trips, create shopping lists, and even synchronize lists with other members of your family to prevent purchasing duplicate items. This app is either ad supported or ad free for $4.99.

Price Checking

For moms who live near multiple stores, knowing about loss leaders and comparison shopping can make a big difference in your grocery bill. For example, meat is often drastically marked down when trying to lure in shoppers. Using the free app Google Shopper to keep track of prices at local stores is quick and easy. You can search for products by barcode, voice search or even take a photo of it with your phone?s camera to see where the best prices can be found.

Meal Planning

Most families have a routine of eight or ten meals that they eat in rotation. Eating a wider variety of foods will make it easier to avoid nutritional gaps in your diet, especially if you have finicky children. Try rotating between dishes from multiple cultures in order to expose the kids to new flavors. You may find that a child who fights tooth and nail to avoid cooked spinach will inhale a plate of crispy spanakopita or a slice of white pizza with finely chopped spinach mixed into the ricotta cheese.

The easiest way to make sure that you have the ingredients you need in order to make all of these foods is to carry cookbooks with you, but who wants to shlep around heavy books? The cookbook How To Cook Everything is now available in full as an application to keep on your android phone. Shopping lists can be created from the recipes for your convenience. Given that the book is over $20, the application is a bargain at under $5. ?(This app is not currently available for andriod – See comment below)

Epicurious now has a free application that also permits you to browse through recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines and use these to create shopping lists. The voice search function is especially fun to play with. Select the search icon, say gelato or gelato machine and recipes will appear as if by magic.

Store Memberships

Many stores offer incentives to patrons that sign up for store membership cards. The accounts are used to track purchases and make it easier to target advertisement campaigns. These cards may be used to ?store? e-coupons and any discounts or free products that the customer is entitled to receive.

Most of these cards are the size of a credit card or a tag that can easily be attached to a keychain, making it convenient to carry one or two of them. In recent years, nearly every store has some version of these programs. Most mid-sized wallets are too small to carry more than a handful of cards.

CardStar is a free Android app that is able to consolidate account information for all of the cards so that the physical cards can be left at home. Rather than scanning a bar code on the card, merchants scan the bar code displayed on your phone?s screen. This app works for grocery stores, drug stores, video rental shops, library cards and can even be used to create custom cards.

In this day and age, carrying a SmartPhone is no longer considered a luxury. For the mom who has everything but free time, these Android phone applications can be a life saver.

Liz Krause believes that the key to delicious Italian food is fresh ingredients and quick recipes. Scratch cooking doesn’t need to be hard or time consuming. Her web site, SimpleItalianCooking.com, is loaded with ideas for using tools like the powerful waring mg 800 meat grinder to transform a few inexpensive ingredients into delicious meals.

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  1. By the way, there is a bit of an inaccuracy in this post. The How to Cook Everything app is NOT available on Android phones at this point though it is a best selling iPhone and iPad app. It will soon be available on the Kindle Fire, but we have not current plans for Android phones at this point.

  2. Google Play, formerly Android Market, is the online software store developed by Google for Android devices.
    Andoid has been one of the best device selling worldwide.i like it

  3. Women find their life so hectic at times because of the never ending responsibilities. Thanks for sharing these apps as they are surely gonna help busy moms in saving a lot of their time. If you can compare prices that different stores offer, well that would make shopping so much easier.

  4. I love the Price Checking app and have used it more than once. The others, i wasn’t aware of, but will surely check them out. Thanks for this information.

  5. My wife uses the meal planner religiously good job including it as i think its a life saver for anyone on the go. It helps her to actually have a schedule rather than wing it for lunches and dinners each day and she gets heaps of use out of it!

  6. My sister has some kind of Weight Watchers app, where you can scan the barcode on any food item and it will instantly tell you how many points it is and what the serving size is…just in case we have any WW fans here.

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