Easy remedies to get over various performance issues in Mac OS X

Is your Mac giving you the same performance as it was on day one? Are you facing major slowdowns while trying to open applications on your system?

You might be screwed up if this is what happening on your side. Mac system tends to get slower over time. This happens when your hard drive gets cluttered with thousands of files and applications that take up RAM and other system resources. Additionally, you may also encounter issues while browsing the Internet or accessing your personal email client. In order to achieve optimum performance as before, you should try to follow the below mentioned tweaks:

Remove items from Desktop:
A majority of users have a habit to place files and folders on the desktop. As a result, the desktop seems to be bloating

The standard user interface of Mac OS X
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with a number of unnecessary items. Mac OS X treats every desktop item as a separate window and this is one of the major reasons for slowdown. To solve this, you should create a new folder and keep all your recently used files in this folder. You should also specify a different download folder for Safari other than the desktop.

Close Open applications:
All open applications in the system perform various background tasks that keep degrading the Mac OS X performance. If you are not working on any application that is currently opened, you should immediately close it.

Remove programs from ‘Login Items’:
There are several applications that launch on every system restart. You should remove unnecessary programs from starting up at each login. To do this, open ‘System Preferences’>’Accounts’. Choose your user account and select ‘Login Items’. Now, remove all the unnecessary programs from this list.

Keep an eye on Activity Monitor:
You should regularly check your Activity Monitor to keep track of system processes, memory usage by various applications, and other useful parameters.

Mac users also believe that disk defragmentation will give them a performance booster. However, this is just a myth as fragmentation is not a problem with Mac OS X. In order to easily get away with all these problems, you can choose to opt for professional third-party Speed Up Mac utilities. These software help you quickly resolve all the Mac performance issues by completely removing unwanted files and unused applications from the system.

Stellar Drive ToolBox for Mac is a highly safe and comprehensive tool that offers ‘SpeedUp Mac’ as one of its utilities. The tool also includes a number of other utilities to help you manage your Mac hard drives in the best possible way.

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    It is a very helpful article for me Vishal! My Mac OS is damn slow and has been giving me a lot of problems off late. These tips have helped me solve many OS issues. Thanks.

  2. This is so interesting! This is really helpful to all Mac users because this is the common problem that they encounter..

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