web server status codes — infographic

Server headers are an undervalued part of the invisible background
gearwork that is the internet. Do you know a 403 from a 200? This
infographic ?looks at the different types of error codes that webmasters
stuggle with daily in their never-ending battle against downtime. Check out
the infographic below to learn seven of the most common responses (and see
how many you already knew)


SEOgadget produced this educational infographic – be sure to check out
their guide on wordpress hosting?in the UK.

One thought on “web server status codes — infographic

  1. There’s actually a lot more than that!

    I’ve been building a REST API for a product at work so we need to send the correct status depending on the result of the request. Returning a ‘204 – No content’ to say that a record has been successfully updated or deleted was one of the ones I thought was especially weird.

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