how to add drivers to ESXi

I seem to keep needing to do this so I thought I?d write up a very quick post so Its easier to find next time.

I?ve had to do this for our QLogic CNA and installing Dell mib files.

  • You need to install the vmware CLI on your workstation.
  • start the vmware cli and I have to cd to ?bin? for the commands to work.
  • put the server you want to work on into maintenance mode from the vi client
  • Then use to do the install/upload

Here is the vmware docs site link for


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The quick and dirty command is ?server [IP address] ?username root ?install ?bundle c:file_location

You?ll want to use a zip file for driver, they are normally found in the offline-bundle folder of the ISO

For the Dell mibs you just need to use the mib file.


Hope this helps someone, I know I use it a lot more than I expected.

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