How To Have Fun With Windows 7

Windows 7 is supposed to be the best Windows operating system yet.  It has simplified everyday tasks, works the way its users want it to, for example by allowing easy management of systems, and enables users to do new things such as sharing and streaming music and videos.


Why Choose Windows 7?

  • Windows 7 provides a better desktop allowing you to move around even quicker.  It offers snapshots and jump lists, for example.
  • Windows 7 offers a smarter search than older Windows versions.  Your search results will be grouped by category, which is very useful.
  • Windows 7 offers easy sharing through HomeGroup.  This means that any computers that are attached to your home network can easily share files.
  • Windows 7 is built for speed through its key performance improvements
  • Windows 7 offers better wireless networking
  • Windows 7 can operate on touch screen technology
  • Windows 7 works well with other devices
  • Windows 7 should offer you a fantastic opportunity to watch, listen and stream
  • Windows 7 also unleashed the power of Internet Explorer 9
  • Windows 7 offers “nag free” notifications – it is possible for you to switch notifications on and off


Further Improving Windows 7

There are some great Windows 7 tricks available to make performance even better.  For example, you can use hidden international wallpapers and themes through the globalization network within Windows 7. 


A fantastic trick, and probably one of the best Windows 7 gadgets is the shake feature.  Basically, if you click and hold the title bar of the window you want to keep open and shake it about, all other windows will be minimized.  If you shake the title bar again, they will reappear.


The new calculator in Windows 7 is also packed with useful new features and functionality.  For example, the statistics and programmer views.


One really fun trick is an additional way of closing Windows Explorer.  Tech people will know that you can restart the Start Menu by opening up the task manager and ending the explorer.exe process.  However, you can now also hold down the ctrl and shift key, open the start menu (whilst holding the keys) and clicking anywhere on the blank space you will then see.  A new menu will appear that includes Exit Explorer.  Clicking on this will terminate your explorer.  To restart it, press ctrl, shift and esc, then choose file, run and type explorer.exe.


Windows 7 was made for users by users and is visually attractive and user friendly both for those who are really tech savvy and those who, simply put, are not so technically minded.  A vast improvement on previous releases of Windows, it has received mainly positive reviews and very few reports of annoying problems.  In effect, it allows you to customize your Windows experience in such a way that completely suits your needs, whilst also enabling you to have a great home network where you can share music, videos and any other files with other computers in your home network.  Have fun with Windows 7! 


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