Exchange 2010 offline folder issue

I?ve been working though the last week with our transition from exchange 2003 to 2010.

I hope to write up more of my findings soon, but I wanted to share this one as its happening.


I haven?t been able to get the offline addressbook to download for the users that have been moved.

Outlook 2010 uses IIS not public folders to download the OAB.

I found when I ran the powershell command

Update-GlobalAddressList -Identity "default global address list"

it throws a bunch of yellow warnings, mostly for public folders.

this leads me to think I have some public folder replication issues.

I?ll update more as I dig into this.

2 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 offline folder issue

  1. Could you post the warnings, i have ran into this issue on deployments where the permissions have not been set correctly, are you running Exchange 2010 SP1?

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