Bookmarks for February 27th through March 25th

These are my links for February 27th through March 25th:

  • ExtraPuTTY | Fork of PuTTY – ExtraPuTTY has all the features from the original soft and adds others as described bellow :<br />
    API for win32 applications to send,receive data on Telnet, SSH, RLogin and Raw protocols.<br />
    TestStand steps to send,receive data on Telnet, SSH, RLogin and Raw protocols.<br />
    TestStand step to load files through FTP protocol.<br />
    Scripting a session with lua.<br />
    Automatic sequencing of commands.<br />
    Shortcuts for pre-defined command.<br />
    Portability (use of directories structure)<br />
    Integrates all features of PuTTY cygterm project (PuTTYcyg)<br />
    Integrates HyperLink of PuTTY NuTTY project<br />
    Integrates zmodem of LePuTTY project<br />
    Reconnect automatically if connection goes down<br />
    Allows using a timestamp.<br />
    Generate report of all exchanges (Command,reply) in HTML or Text format.<br />
    and others …
  • The Virtual Storage Guy: Virtual Storage Tiering and Desktop Virtualization – These solutions are built on FlexPod and include desktop virtualization technologies from VMware and Citrix, include automated configuration instructions, and each is certified as a Cisco Validated Design (CVD). In short, we are working together to deliver integrated solutions intended to address the broadest set of IT and user requirements.
  • SSL Certificates, Wildcard SSL. Get Free SSL Certificates from RapidSSL – Cheap SSL certs.<br />
    Good for usage with Citrix
  • Using XenDesktop 5 with VMware « Jarian Gibson – In this blog post I am going to go over using XenDesktop 5 with VMware.
  • Delete Files Older Than a Number of Days From DOS – There is a small executable called ForeFiles that can easily allow you to get the files in a directory that meet certain time criteria. In my case I want to find all files that were older than 7 days.

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