Bookmarks for January 3rd through January 7th

These are my links for January 3rd through January 7th:

  • CTX121360 – How to Configure XenApp Services with Secure Gateway for use with Citrix Receiver for iPhone and iPad – Citrix Knowledge Center – The Citrix Receiver for iPhone v1.0 enables the end-user to securely view, edit, and interact with full-featured Windows applications, documents, and data just like they would if they were at their PC. Citrix Receiver for iPhone v1.0 supports SSL connections to an enterprise’s Citrix Access Gateway Standard Edition and Secure Gateway. Only the current version of Secure Gateway is supported (version 3.0 or later).
  • CTX125631 – How to Deploy the CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe Client 12.0 on Web Interface 5.3 – Citrix Knowledge Center – This article describes how to deploy the new CitrixOnlinePluginWeb.exe client 12.0 through Web Interface 5.3.
  • SharePoint 2010 – How to open files that prompt for Save or Cancel « Clayton’s SharePoint Madness – release of SharePoint 2010. On the MSDN forums, there are many questions that seem new, but they always end up coming down to one setting. In SharePoint 2010, there is a new setting at the web application level called Browser File Handling
  • EMC Community Network – ECN: Why do I have trespassed LUNs or all… – Article about trespassed LUNs and ESX
  • Managing User-Generated Data – Northern Parklife – SRM that works with Celerra

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