Bookmarks for December 10th through December 30th

These are my links for December 10th through December 30th:

  • Storage virtualization benefits and products – Includes a list of some storage virtualization products
  • VMAX Comes of Age
  • Sub-LUN Tiering Design Considerations – Technical Deep Dive – Designing tiers is not a simple as it first appears. Putting your finger in the air and picking your tiers will no doubt end in a poor design and potential bad experience with Sub-LUN tiering.
  • Disable ballooning? | – Many organizations that deploy virtual infrastructures rely on memory overcommitment to reach a higher consolidation ratio and higher memory utilization. In a virtual infrastructure not every virtual machine is actively using its assigned memory at the same time and not every virtual machine is making use of its configured memory footprint. To allow memory overcommitment, the VMkernel uses different virtual machine memory reclamation mechanisms.
  • VMware KB: Sysprep file locations and versions – This issue may occur if Microsoft's Sysprep files are not found on the VirtualCenter host, are not the correct version, or are not in the location they are expected.<br />
    <br />
    This article guides you through the process of determining the correct version of Sysprep to use and the correct locations for these files.

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