Bookmarks for October 27th through December 9th

These are my links for October 27th through December 9th:

  • the storage anarchist: 1.052: over-hyping wide striping – What’s worse is that 3PAR, like XIV, is saddled with an architecture that makes it difficult (although surely not impossible) to integrate support for Enterprise Flash Drives. In fact, along with NTAP and XIV, 3PAR remains one of the few companies that have not yet figured out how to deliver the performance benefits of flash storage
  • Florian’s Blog » How to use Restricted Groups? Part I – ( – or: How can I add [Active Directory] user accounts into some? clients’ local Administrators group without touching each client?)
  • Import User Profile Photos from Active Directory into SharePoint 2010
  • Add Web Parts to SharePoint Forms without SharePoint Designer « Marc D Anderson’s Blog – There may be times that you need to add Web Parts to the default SharePoint list forms and you aren’t allowed to use SharePoint Designer
  • CTX884335 – How to Publish the Printers Folder – Citrix Knowledge Center – Publishing the Printers folder provides users with a way of changing the printing preferences of their printers, such as paper size, paper type, duplexing options, and so on. Unlike adjusting such preferences within the print dialog of a published application, changing the preferences in the Printers folder retains the settings in the user’s profile for future sessions. Publishing the Printers folder is the equivalent of accessing it from a desktop session (though many administrators choose not to publish desktops for security reasons).

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