Bookmarks for September 3rd through October 6th

These are my links for September 3rd through October 6th:

  • Dell Community – User Community for Dell Management Console – Welcome to the User Community for Dell Management Console (DMC), Dell’s next generation systems management software. Here you can view demos, see recent announcements, read the FAQ , and discuss use of the product.
  • CTX124800 – How to Increase the Number of Concurrent Users on Servers Running Hotfix Rollup Pack 6 for XenApp 5 and Presentation Server 4.5 for Windows Server 2003 – Citrix Knowledge Center – This article describes how to increase the number of concurrent users on a XenApp server when using desktop sessions.
  • Dell ESXi Management | Virtu-Al – from ESXi 4.0 onwards, VMware introduced a new concept called vSphere Installation Bundle (VIB), this allows the end users to download VIB files and install it directly into ESXi 4.0. Dell are now posting their OpenManage component as a VIB on
  • | Share Google and SharePoint documents from Outlook – Sharepoint sidebar in outlook
  • PowerShell Script to Disable Loopback Checking – Blogging about SharePoint – I find I need to use host headers for SharePoint sites a lot. For example, in a recent deployment I had the following host header sites all pointing via DNS entries to the same farm/web front end (it was a small farm):

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