Affiliate Fraud Risks and Solutions

Affiliate Fraud is a practice that is unknown to some but secretly lurking about. When one gets into affiliate marketing, they may think that it’s a straight line (including strategy) from start to finish, but that’s never how it is. There’s many things to be aware of in this complicated world.

So what are the risks? This infographic can be expanded to see the risks, but I’ll outline them below as well.

Well for one, duplication. This is a common practice that can fly under the radar easily. It’s the act of creating a duplicate of a legitimate site but.. well, it’s not the proper site. The untrained eye might not be able to catch something like this. There’s also spamming; sending massive amounts of emails under the cover of the company- when in fact, they’re not.

More to be aware of?

  • squatting
  • diverting
  • stealing
  • faking

As with any kind of risk, there is also a possible solution that we can work towards to prevent or completely eliminate this type of affiliate marketing fraud from affecting us. For once, make sure you’re in a community where you can discuss this with others. People are very?knowledgeable?and can catch traps and?shadiness?that you may not otherwise be able to see. Joining a forum is a free way to build up relationships with others in affiliate marketing.

Along with sharing information about past experiences, you might find it helpful to:

  • put together your own blacklist outlining troublesome sites
  • track IPs using cookies- to identify fraud
  • do not allow approvals to be automated when adding affiliates
  • communicate and build a relationship with the affiliates themselves, to discuss their business
  • make sure you do a complete check of the affiliate’s site.

All of these combined should help lessen the risk associated with sneaky affiliate marketers, and it can help protect not only yourself, but other affiliates and merchants as well.

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  2. that’s intersting I didn’t knew it. But still it should prove useful to know about it and offcourse prevent it. Thank you fro the information

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