Bookmarks for July 7th through July 13th

These are my links for July 7th through July 13th:

  • VMware Info: How to enable ALUA and Round Robin Multipathing with ESX and Clariion CX4
  • The SharePoint Community is here to help | Blog – For What I.T.’s Worth – Let’s say you’ve come dangerously close to solving a tricky SharePoint problem, only to run into a hitch in the home stretch. You know there’s a way
  • Watch this: Design a document review workflow solution – SharePoint Designer – Microsoft Office – Learn how to design a document review workflow and a custom Workflow Dashboard that shows you at a glance the status of all workflow tasks related to a specific document.
  • Web Parts for views and forms in SharePoint Designer 2010 – SharePoint Designer – Microsoft Office – In Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, you can create list views and data views as well as list forms and data forms. You create such views and forms to help site visitors interact with the data on the site and in the case of a custom solution, manage how data is presented and modified.
  • Social Computing and Collaboration Resources – Bill Baer – Site Home – TechNet Blogs – whitepaper that provides prescriptive guidance about profile synchronization and My Site planning and administrative tasks for SharePoint Server 2010 that combines real world scenarios and step by step instructions with accompanying screenshots to help IT Professionals and Developers successfully understand, deploy, provision, and manage the services, components, and features that support and enable user profiles, synchronization, My Site Web sites, and more.

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