Email users when their password is about to expire

At work we have been getting more and more require for accounts that have users that are not ?full employee?s? (my term) These are users that do not spend most of their business time in the office, they could be travelling sales, outside sales, consultants. Some only use OWA,VPN, or Citrix desktop or published app. But they all seem to have one thing in comment. How do we let them know their password is going to expire and how to get them to change it.photo_13356_20100305
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I started looked at ways to address the first issue this afternoon and I?ve found a few script that would send the emails and a few paid solutions.

The 2 vbs scripts I found are a few years old


I also found an exe that you run via scheduled task

but I think I?m going to try the free solution from NetWrix, they also have a paid solution but I?ll start with the free version. Netwrix also has some AD change tracking I?m going to test but haven?t had time yet. They have some nice free tools with the option to go to the paid version with more features.

We haven?t totally collapsed our AD into a single domain yet, so I still have to deal with managing muliple AD domain name spaces in a single AD forest.

If you know of any other ways to notify the user they password will expire or have tested netwrix products leave a comment.