Windows 7 RC Expiring Monday

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If you are still running Windows 7 RC (like me), just remember the RC expires on Monday. I?ve been running a backup on my install before I install my black edition from my windows 7 house party. The backup has been running for about 10 hours and its only 40% done! Not sure why its so slow. I?m backing up to a USB 2.0 hard drive, using the built in backup utility. I have 300 GB of data including lots of MP3,photos, and AVI files. But this is taking forever! I Just hope if finishes early tomorrow so I have time to install and configure the RTM.

Once I get the RTM installed I want to be better about doing regularly scheduled backups. I? love to find something that will backup my files local to a USB drive AND back them up to the cloud ( I hate that term) Anyone know of software that will do that?



I?ve been really impressed with Windows 7 and we are just starting our testing with it at work.

Anyone have a tablet PC running windows 7? how do you like it. I wait a tablet, but I want a big one. My current notebook is a Dell D820. I want a large screen to right on, I?m not concerned about the weight. I don?t travel that much, but I use lots of paper notepads, I want to try OneNote 2010 with windows 7 and a large tablet. But they seem to just keep making them smaller not larger 🙁



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