Bookmarks for February 3rd through February 4th

These are my links for February 3rd through February 4th:

  • Shariq Sheikh | Port 389 – – activity of Active Directory and the rest – A really good site about Active Directory
  • Online Password Generator – Password security shouldn't be taken lightly. Security professional will tell you that secure passwords should be difficult to guess and difficult to break using brute force methods. The strongest password is a series of random characters. But this is difficult for humans to remember. What good is a secure password when you can't remember it yourself? We offer a password generator that uses real words mixed with enough random numbers and symbols to be secure.
  • How to succeed with XenDesktop without really trying » ocb – Citrix Community – Working closely with our team of worldwide consultants we have put together a Modularized Reference Architecture for XenDesktop that can be used as a blueprint for architecting successful XenDesktop implementations. This is the real thing. All of the design considerations and methodologies in this document have been proven in the field and verified in the Citrix Solutions Center lab.
  • SharePoint 2010 Better Together with SQL 2008 R2 Database Enhancements Top 10 – SharePoint Joel’s SharePoint Land – I’ve been thinking a lot about the SQL 2008 R2 and SharePoint 2010 better together story and wanted to capture some of what’s been floating around in my head. I haven’t seen enough content and blogs on this stuff and hope that this will help spur more conversations on the topic. Mike Watson has put out a couple of well put together posts on SQL 2008 and SharePoint 2010 in his storage considerations post and on SharePoint 2010 high availability improvements. I also put some thoughts on why SQL 2008 for SharePoint from a while back. With the product team’s announcement of requirements of 64 bit SQL and SQL 2005 and SQL 2008, many are asking questions. Having spent time with SQL 2008, I do see it as a no brainer to skip 2005 or to simply go with the gold and do the right thing from the beginning. A lot of the high availability (mirroring) and security features (transparent data encryption) are in the enterprise version, so be careful to do the right thing. Ironically I did run into
  • You Had Me At EHLO… : Triaging Exchange Performance issues related to Active Directory (AD) Performance (including Networking and DNS performance) – In many organizations the skill sets that administer Exchange, Active Directory (AD), Domain Naming System (DNS), and the network infrastructure are often segregated. Since Exchange is heavily dependent on communication with AD and that communication must traverse the network, the ability for the Exchange Administrator to have a basic understanding of how each of these components can be troubleshot is useful. Furthermore, often times the DNS, network, and AD administrators are not familiar with how Exchange is dependent on their services and thus are not fully prepared to help an Exchange administrator isolate production issues. As such, by the end of this it is hoped that there will be enough information to allow the Exchange, DNS, network, and AD administrators to each collect the data necessary to identify the majority of the issues.

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