Get AD Schema info from PowerShell

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I was looking for a way to collect user information with Get-QADUser from other domains. (I?m thinking I need to use the searchscope option but haven?t found the syntax yet) and ran into this little gem

Get-QADRootDSE | Format-List *


The output will give you the DC Function level,the domain function level and the Forest function level in a nice readable format, as well as a bunch of other AD Scheme info QADRootDSE.

Thank you Dmitry for the one-liner

Powershell is sweet, I just need to use it more on a consistent basis so I remember what I learned. Seems like I only pull it out every few months. Now that we are finally getting some Windows 2008 R2 servers and plan to role out Windows 7 this year, I hope I?ll be able to use it daily.

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