Three weeks with Uverse

image We got Uverse installed on October 30th. The install went well, it would have been done in about two hours, except the lines outside were not setup correctly.

We (yes the install tech hung around) had to wait about 1 1/2 hours for a line tech to show up and correct the issue.

The installer used my existing coax and Ethernet I had in the house so he didn?t have to run any lines.

I ordered 3meg internet the 200 channel TV and two DVR boxes.

Its been running now for 3 weeks here are my findings.


  • Once the wireless stopped working and I had to stop and restart the wireless service on the ATT home Router.
  • I found out that the coax to my second DVR wasn?t working well so it caused freezing when trying to watch recorded shows, I wished to a Ethernet cable I had close and its been working fine.
  • I notice pixilation when watching sports and other shows with a lot of movement, but its only on SD changes on my SDTV. The HD doesn?t do it.
  • The DVR doesn?t have the option to only save X number of a show. With Charter I could say to record a show and only keep 3 copies so I also had different Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows for Grace. ATT DVR doesn?t have this option.
  • The biggest issue I have is that everything (TV and Internet) goes through the ATT Home router, if it fails all your ATT services are down


  • So far the 3 meg internet speed has been rock solid and I don?t really see a difference than my 5meg Charter service I had
  • Cheaper, I got a really good package deal and was about 30 dollars cheaper than I could have with Charter (we still have vonage for phone) I?m also geting $300 back for ordering online
  • Networked DVR works really well, I love that I can watch the recorded shows on either TV.

Even though there are more Cons than Pros, I?m keeping and very happy with the service. There wasn?t anything I disliked about Charter other than the price.

If you have any questions about the service leave them in the comments and I?ll get back to you.


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