VMWare users check this out

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Image by sunsurfr via Flickr

I was reading through my rss feeds this weekend and came across a post entitled ?The best thing I?ve found all year?.? by one of the top vm bloggers. So I had to check it out. He was posting about a Dell tool that allows you to extend the file system of a running vm similar to diskpart, but??.YOU CAN DO IT TO THE SYSTEM DRIVE!!

Download it from http://ftp.us.dell.com/app/ExtPart.exe

Eric Sloof even created a little demo to show you how easy it is!! http://www.ntpro.nl/blog/archives/1022-Pump-Up-the-Volume.html

Enjoy and let me know how well this works for you. I know I?ll be testing it this week. From the comments on Mike Laverick?s site it works on windows 2003. I?ll have to test it on windows 2000 (yes, I still have a few of those around)