IE8 is starting to tick me off

I really like what Microsoft has done with IE8. I think its moving in the right direction. I?m a minimalist and would prefer to work with IE than install another browser. I?ve used Firefox before and really like it and the plug-ins. But IE works better with our intranet and with our new test SharePoint install. So I want to stick with it. But the issues I?m having with IE8 and gmail are about to make me move to Firefox for my default browser and use IE only when I have to.

Images don?t work on gmail when I?m using IE8 look:



I?ve clicked on the display images link and it still doesn?t show any of the images. Its on any email I get with images. I have to ad or pop blocker enabled. I?ve added to my trusted sites. I?ve enabled compatibility mode for

I have all my email through Google apps, If I can?t get this going. I?m going to switch. Searching for others with this issue, it looks like this was a problem even with the beta of IE8 but they still haven?t fixed it. I?m a Microsoft guy, but this is unacceptable. If they want to keep their user base for IE. They need to get this fixed!


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