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It?s been a week now, I can say it in public. Anyone who knows me will be shocked that I got a IPhone. I got it for work to see what all the hype was about and if the new IPhone and software version 3.0 is enterprise ready yet. After having it for a week ( I got my in the mail on Friday the first day there where out) I have to say its better than I expected, but for the most part its still just a fun toy cell phone. I?m scared I?m going to break it or scratch it.

It syncs with our Exchange active sync and even has the live global address book search. You can chose which folders to sync, but I haven?t been able to find out how to do  scheduled sync not push email only. I also can find a schedule for the push email. I tend to keep my cell phone next to the bed for text pages from our server monitoring software or emergency calls in the middle of the night. But since it does push email all the time it beeps every time I get an email. I need to be able to turn off the push email in the middle of the night but still get my calls and text pages.

You can access the apps store wirelessly so I can pull down new apps without the need of a computer or iTunes. The camera is nice and takes video. I?ve been happy with the picture quality of the pictures and videos, just wish I could figure out how to upload the videos to facebook from the IPhone.

The thing I hate about the IPhone the most is not the IPhone its the fact that I have to use ITunes. ITunes is a piece of sh*t. I installed it in a virtual machine to active the phone. But I?d like to put some of my photos and music from my home computer on the IPhone, but I?m not going to install ITunes at home! There are some crazy hacks to get music on the IPhone, like only installing parts of ITunes then using winamp or other music applications. But that seems like just a pain just to add some photos and MP3?s. Oh well.

One thing that drives me nuts is the keyboard, it isn?t consistent. Its different depending on the app or field you are tying in. Sometimes the @ is on the first screen sometimes it requires you to use the symbol key to find it. Also for people use to outlook the mail,contacts, and calendar all look totally different. The battery life has been so/so, the coverage in Grand Haven and at my house for ATT is only about 1 bar and I have the wireless on all the time. The battery will last me about a day and a half even with me downloading apps, checking facebook, twitter, and my email.

Now for the apps. I?ve downloaded a few of the free one?s mostly social apps and location based apps. I?d have to say the integrated location is one of my favorite things. Most apps take advantage of your location, its pretty sweet. Here?s a list of the apps I?ve installed so far. Let me know if I?m missing any free one?s I should try.

facebook ? official facebook IPhone app, wish I could upload video from it.

pixelpipe ? sweet site and app that lets you upload your video and pictures once and it will distribute them to other social sites (facebook,flickr,google picasa,etc)

tweetdeck ? My twitter client of choice.

mywireless ? ATT app about my ATT account

urbanspoon ? finds local restaurants based on your location and has a slot machine interface to help you pick where to eat

evernote ? Still learning this app, here?s the descript from wiki – is a web service and software application that allows users to capture information of various types using the Evernote desktop, mobile, and web clients. In Evernote, users can create text notes, mobile phone snapshots, web clips, and digital ink. All data added to Evernote are run through a series of recognizers that make any text within the various note formats searchable. Users may organize their information by creating folders, categories, notebooks, or tagging their notes. Evernote automatically adds meta-information to notes such as date, time and geo-location.

flixster ? find the local movie theater based on location, check times, order tickets and watch trailers.

brightkite ? Find other brightkite users around your current location, post photos and updates tagged with your geolocation.

cropforfree ? crop your IPhone photos for free. I don?t like this app. I was hoping to find the one they show in the commercials, but I?m too cheap to pay for any of these apps.

loopt ? similar to brightkite, haven?t quite figured out either of these yet. Not many users of either in Grand Haven or West Michigan.

yelp ? reviews and directions to locate restaurants.


Alright, I?m ready?.Let me have it. I know my friends are ready to lay into me since I purchased an apple product 🙂



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7 thoughts on “I have a IPhone

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  2. I used to dislike apple products as well, to an extent I still do. The iphone and itouch though are worth getting and I love my jailbroken itouch, in spite of apple. So yeah, congrats on finding another useful tool.

  3. AP Mobile (free) is pretty good, but the popup notifications will only add to your “noises in the middle of the night that I don’t care about” problem.

    TweetDeck (free) works well.

    Google Earth (free) is good.

    I liked Around Me (free) better than I liked Urban Spoon. Urban Spoon probably works well if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but if you’re just trying to see all of the Chinese / Thai restaurants around you, it’s frustrating.

    Shazam (free) is pretty cool. Walking around somewhere and hear a song you don’t recognize? Run the app, it’ll listen for a bit and identify it for you, give you links to buy it, blah, blah.

    I’ve only bought a couple of apps, but F.A.S.T. ($3.99, I think) is pretty neat for running on a cell phone. Wheel of Fortune sucks. Monkey Ball is fun for a while…

  4. “its still just a fun toy cell phone.”
    Exactly. People who are hyping it so much are either apple fanboys (most likely) or just had it for a week and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. It’s not a professional device by any measure.

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