How to enable license logging on citrix

Found in the thinlist mailserv for Citrix. I wanted to posted it here so I could easily reference it and for others to find it:


Your ability to run reports from the license service is dependent on the license service logging the usage data By default, report logging is turned off in MetaFrame Access Suite licensing.

To activate report logging, add the REPORTLOG keyword to the options file. This keyword specifies the log location, and it specifies that the report log is not overwritten when the license server is restarted.

The options file is a server configuration file that defines licensing behavior ? your options file is probably C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\CITRIX.opt" on your license server.

By default it?ll have



as default options.

You?ll want to add the following to the .opt file and restart the license service:

REPORTLOG + ?c:\program files\citrix\licensing\ls\reportlog.rl?

This will store usage (for reporting) to the file reportlog.rl ? the ?+? symbol means that the file will not be overwritten when you start the service

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  1. I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be linking to it from my other sites? Can’t be bothered to repost it on all of them and I’d rather just link to someone else.

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