No install means no install!!!

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I was reading 6 free remote desktop sharing and screen sharing solutions from Online Tech Tips looking a free new install remote desktop sharing to help support friends and family. I checked on all 6 of the solutions OTT listed and a few from the comments. A few of them claimed to have no install, but when you started digging deeper there was an install, there a ?plug-in? or activeX component. These are installs!!! Anything that is added to a system that requires admin access is an install.

I?m talking to you SkyFex and dimdim. TeamViewer does only require the ?expert? to have software installed and they do have a portable app that doesn?t require an install its a stand alone exe. But it is only available in the paid version 🙁


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  1. Jason-

    Just sent you an @reply on twitter, I’ve tried commenting twice–first time CommentLuv refreshed the page and it was gone — 2nd time didn’t even get confirmation. Hopefully the third’s a charm.

    There is an *optional* install if the host needs to share screen/desktop. Attendees don’t need to install anything to join and participate. The meeting host can run a meeting, share audio/video, share whiteboard, share web pages, chat, and record without installing anything.

    We leveraged technologies already in most browsers, like Adobe Flash, so you can spend more time focusing on meeting rather than on whether you have the right meeting client installed.


    Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
    Dimdim Web Conferencing
    twitter: @dimdim

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the comment issue, I’ll look into it.
      For the purposes I was looking for desktop sharing is a must, so the install wouldn’t be optional. But thank you very much for following up.
      When a company takes time to follow up on questions and comments around the web about their product it shows they really care about service and support.

  2. RealVNC is what I use because it supports Win/Mac/linux. However it definitely is an install.

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  3. Hi Jason,
    I just read your post, and thought Mikogo would suit your needs. Perhaps you saw Mikogo in the comments on the “6 free remote desktop sharing and screen sharing solutions”. The regular Mikogo version does involve an install. But there is also a portable version: Mikogo Portable So need to install for you or your participants.
    I almost forgot to say, Mikogo is an easy and secure desktop sharing tool that you can use for online meetings, web conferences, remote support and more. And it’s free, for both businesses and private users. That’s important to mention 🙂
    I’ll leave you to it. Drop by the website and check it out. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more info.


    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team

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  4. Thx gud article…best regard from me..:)

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  5. I don’t see how you could do desktop sharing without some type of install, activeX, or some other control object.

    Rdesktop, if they have Windows, is what I always used.

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  6. Good catch. Looks like dimdim may possibly be an option, but only if you aren’t the host. Not too helpful, eh?

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  7. Well what would you expect. Ads are supposed to decieve people. They apparently can’t do it well enough (telling straight up lie in an ad is pretty stupid I guess).

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