5 New videos on managing your VMware infrastructure using PowerGUI

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Thank you Eric for pointing me to these great starter videos for using PowerShell with vmware. VMGuru put together 5 videos about PowerShell with VMware. They are:

  1. Establishing Connections to your VMware Infrastructure using the PowerGUI Console
  2. Navigate your VMware Infrastructure using the PowerGUI Console
  3. Execute Links and Actions in the PowerGUI Console
  4. Create and Save Filters using the PowerGUI Console
  5. Using the PowerGUI Script Editor

Don?t forget to check VMGuru?s Getting Started with PowerShell and PowerGUI in your Virtual Infrastructure its also a great primer for PowerShell.

I?ve played around with powershell a little, but as busy as we are at work right now and the new baby due any day. I haven?t been able to sit down and really understand it yet.