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We are digging into the whole VDI options because of some specialty apps one of our business are deploying. We are also consolidating our data centers so offering VDI in the datacenter will make access to the data more secure and quicker.

We?ve had people in to talk about both products. We already using ESX for our server virtualization and have a Citrix presentation server 4.0 farm (with current support)

Citrix seems to have more options and a better overall package, but there?s also a higher price for those options. One thing we were told today is even if we plan on using XP for the virtual desktops we have to purchase a special ?virtual license?. I don?t remember the name of the license (it included the the word vista in it) but we where told we?d still need it for XP desktops. That?s an extra cost we were not expecting.

Anyone have experience with Epicor Clientele in a VDI or XenApp environment?