VMware Configuration limits

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Thanks to boche.net for pointing this document out to me. This (Configuration Maximums for Virtual Infrastructure 3) is the official VMware document listing maximum values for ESX Host,clients, and VCenter.

My boss and I where just discussing how many host you could have connected to the same LUN, I was thinking 10-15, he was more around 6. Looking at this document its 32. We where way off.

I?m adding my first 3i boxes in 2 weeks, 64GB of ram each?yummy.


7 thoughts on “VMware Configuration limits

  1. Like a lot of limits, reaching them may not be a good idea. I’ve read several articles focusing on shared LUN’s and what happens as more and more hosts share it. The consensus was the all of the Reserve/Release commands on the LUN(vmfs’ sharing mechanism) by the hosts start generating significant overhead and can really bog the LUN down. Of course the “how many?” is answered by the righteously ambiguous “It depends”.


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  2. I have also read some articles about LUN. Its probably not a good idea to have so many hosts

  3. Oh my i didn’t know much bout VMware thanks for the info and effort

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  4. Yeah those are limits. In theory when you reach them it should still work but in reality you’ll see negative effects around 14-16 host.

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