Multiple monitors – Getting applications back after secondary display fails

LG L194WT-SF LCD monitor

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I run two PCs on dual monitor – by which I mean each PC is connected to the same two monitors.  So much of the time, although they are dual monitor configurations I live only on a single monitor.

This means that every now and then, when you run an app it appears on the taskbar but not on screen, because it’s on the other monitor currently viewing the other PC.

Here’s my quick trick to get items on screen without switching monitor inputs;

  1. Right click on program name on taskbar.
  2. Click on Restore if available.

  1. If you had to click on Restore, right click again on program name on taskbar.
  2. Click on Move, the mouse pointer should change to a set of four arrows.
  3. Press ANY cursor key, and the app should appear on the screen with the cursor, you can now use the mouse to position the application window.

Basically all you are doing is ensuring the application is not maximised (Restore) to allow you to move the application window.

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