WordPress updated

I just installed wordpress 2.6 on this site.

As always the install was painless and quick.

Let me know if you notice anything not working.


9 thoughts on “WordPress updated

  1. I have recently installed 2.6 and haven’t noticed any problems, except when working with images. I had a lot of problems until I discovered that IE was at fault. Switching back to Firefox solved the problem.

    I use the same Neoclassical theme on some of my sites. It’s a great theme, except that the photos that come in the header are not very exciting. However, if you switch them out, you can make a pretty cool looking websites.

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  2. I like this theme because it has that professional look but without glitz. I found it recently and use it on 2 of my blogs. No bugs so far.

  3. works great so far. I was afraid to upgrade up until now. will try to upgrade tonight

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  4. The theme looks great. I found it recently and use it on 2 of my blogs. It seems bugs free at the moment. I hope it remains that way..

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