emcworld day two recap

Tuesday had much better sessions for me. Two great clariion sessions, one was over emcmy head but I got some tips from it. Then I had control center and rainfinity sessions, I don’t think these products are for us. It is so hard to get to sessions on everything I want to, I want to take a look at emailXtender and backup advisor (charge backs for avamar if we get it) But I’m busy with clariion,celerra, and avamar.


Melissa and I saw Spamalot last night, it wasn’t very busy so they moved everyone from the 2nd tier down to the floor. So we had really nice seats. It was a great show, I love the holly grace movie so it was a good time.

Meet up with a few fellow twitters today, its fun to meet people that you’ve only read their blogs or twits.

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