Twitter Updates for 2008-05-19

  • i have worse jetlag coming to vegas than i did going to china #
  • Day one of #emcworld , breakfast and rainfinity hands on #
  • rainfinity and file migrations, need to findout more about the global namespace piece #
  • love it when hands on demos go bad. brings down the whole session #
  • @Storagezilla are you doing any sessions at #emcworld? #
  • Anyone good with wordpress themes care to take a look at in IE7 and tell me why the columns are all messed up. #
  • @davidkspencer which session is that? when is it offered again? #
  • this is chaos on the floor. beanbag chairs not very comfortable, but its better than fighting for a seat for the keynote #
  • The twitter world is alive and well at #emcworld #
  • I have a webcam at #emcworld, I just need a good site to create video podcast in real time. #
  • this sounds like last years keynote #emcworld #
  • @cydtetro tomorrow? your missing all the fun today πŸ™‚ #
  • Everyone at #emcworld make sure you are using and tag all your twits #
  • What’s the deal with no polo shirts for us this year? I didn’t get the brocade shirt from last night πŸ™ #emcworld #
  • needed to get out of the keynote room. just too many people standing around #
  • @edsai From the sounds of people’s tweets I should have stayed. Sounds like Dave has more to say. #
  • ok, I’m getting some really odd looks trying to do a short video podcast on day one of #emcworld πŸ™‚ #

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