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I’ve started using mwsnapMWSnap for my screenshot needs, but then I read about the flickr output plugin for snagit. Talk about software envy!!!

But I’m not willing to pay for snagit. But that output to flickr would be awesome. I’m going to try to contact the author of MWSnap, but it hasn’t been updated since 2002. So I’m not holding my breath 🙁

Do any of the other free screen capture programs output to flickr?


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One thought on “screenshot wish

  1. hi jayb,

    There is a lot of development going into Snagit and I would have to say that the 39 bucks you need to part from is an investment well worth.

    Just in time savings you will have I bet you will change your mind.

    You can download a trial here:

    And if you are interested in buying it we have a special price here:

    Peter Your Snagit Guide 😉

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