Storage VMotion webpage

We haven’t upgraded to 3.5 yet, but I’m going to have to check this out once we upgrade.

Storage VMotion simplifies array migration and upgrade tasks and reduces I/O bottlenecks by moving running virtual machines to the best available storage resource in your environment. But There was one downside to it. Migrations using Storage VMotion had to be administered through the Remote Command Line Interface (Remote CLI). Asp24 created a webpage that does the following: Log in to VirtualCenter (2.5) and get the storage/config file paths for all registered VM’s (like this: iscsi1_1 vm/vm.vmx) Put the list into a dropdown menu and have an input field for the target storage location. And a move-button to start svmotion. You can read all about it in this community thread.

Storage VMotion webpage (Eric Sloof)
Tue, 01 Jan 2008 20:09:27 GMT

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