VirtualCenter 2.5 upgrade issue with SQL 2000

I allows find it good to wait at least a few weeks before I do any major upgrades. I’ll let other people shake out the bugs. Its a good thing because we are running our vcenter on SQL 2000. Follow the link for the fix before you try the upgrade or if you already tried and failed. Big note from the KB, if you don’t follow the steps in the KB, it will over write your database, you do backup your database before you do any upgrade, right?

I’ve not yet got my hands really dirty on ESX 3.0.x to ESX 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.0.x to 2.5 upgrades. Although crudely “play” with the process under the Release Candate. Initially, I had a permissions problem with the VirtualCenter upgrade and my SQL 2000 server. There’s been a length forum thread on this which I have been involved with. It’s become clear that if you have a SQL 2000 server additional permissions are required for an upgrade, which were not previously required in previous upgrades from VC 1>2 or the intra-upgrades from say 2.0.0>2.0.1>2.0.2

A KB article from VMware outlines this issue. As far as I know its not an issue for SQL 2005…

Link: ID: 1003346

VirtualCenter 2.5 upgrade issue with SQL 2000
Tue, 18 Dec 2007 22:09:15 GMT

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  1. Still a problem. Even when the instructions in the kb article are followed I still have the issue.

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