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Has anyone used this service? PassPack. I want to check how long they’ve been around. Storing all your passwords in one place….if that one account gets hacked your scr@wed…

Can you count how many passwords you have? Managing the literally hundreds of passwords that one must remember can be a royal pain! It?s even worse when you need to access something, but can?t remember the password! Unless you use the same password for everything, and that?s a terrible idea for security reasons, it?s really becoming hard to manage passwords in your head, on pieces of paper, or in unsecured text documents!……


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  1. Hello.
    I’m a PassPack co-founder, so thought I’d chime in.

    We launched our first release of PassPack about a year ago (12/12/2006). That was the Beta1 release, we’re now on Beta5, and hoping to come out of beta in Q1-2008.

    If your PassPack account gets hacked?

    Yes, that would be a problem. To avoid this we use AES-256 bit encryption. That’s the same as the US government uses for Top Secret information.

    We also use what’s called the Host-Proof Hosting Pattern. That means that all of your passwords get encrypted *inside your browser* before being sent to the server for storage.

    Not even PassPack is able to read what you store on our servers. We simply don’t have the “keys”.

    You can read more about Host-Proof Hosting here:

    And here’s some information on our Packing Key:

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

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