ESX3: Storage Health Check

You can easily check the health of your storage by looking under the /proc filesystem in the service console.

The directory /proc/vmware/scsi/vmhbaX/ where X refers to your HBA number contains virtual files which correspond to LUNs on that HBA. Using "cat" you can view the contents of these and check for cmdsAbrt (command aborts) and busRst (bus resets), these should both be zero indicating healthy storage connectivity. If either of these numbers are higher, especially bus resets, it is advisable to investigate for storage sub-system issues.

For example, to check LUN 0 on VMHBA0, which is LUN 0 on local storage, you would use:

cat /proc/vmware/scsi/vmhba0/0:0

You can obtain a summary of attached storage volumes from /proc/scsi/scsi again using "cat".

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