VMTSPatchManager: Free “Windows Update” For ESX Servers


Massimiliano Daneri has published antoher free tool on his website called VMTSPatchManager. This tool, as he call it himself, is the Windows Update for ESX Servers. Although it’s a version 1.0 and not an official VMware product it has some pretty interesting features and looks really cool.

Some of the more interesting features of VMTSPatchManager are:
? Automatic Patch downloading from VMware Web site
? Virtual Center Integration
? Support for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (Microsoft BITS)
? Password saved inside the Microsoft Protected Storage
? SSH Connection (with root or other users)
? Multi Thread implementation
Download it for free here. Thanks to virtualization.info for the pointer.

VMTSPatchManager: Free “Windows Update” For ESX Servers
Michel Roth – mrdizzz@thincomputing.net
Mon, 04 Jun 2007 05:04:00 GMT