BlogBridge 4.1 Weekly Development Release

BlogBridge has finally intergrated a way to post to your web directly from
the application. Right now they only support WP, which works out well for
me. But I also need them to support PostNuke, so I can use it will both my
sites. W.bloggar can do this so I know its possible.
This is the first post from the application, and I already notice it doesn’t
seem to let you pick the category on a per post basis.
Aleksey Gureev wrote on Dec 2, 2006:

It?s time for another weekly release (yes we just keep going and going!)
and we have something special for you today, so prepare carefully. We
are introducing two spectacular changes to BlogBridge – o…

2 thoughts on “BlogBridge 4.1 Weekly Development Release

  1. Nice to see such a quick responce from BlogBridge.
    I just wanted to note, I wasn’t complaining just pointing out a few things I noticed.
    I should have reported these to their support forums.

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