Bad Day

This is more whining that a rant.

I’m at my end, our final remote site was put onto the new cisco VOIP system wednesday night. Both Scott and Dan where in Hart pretty much Tuesday-Thursday. I stayed in GH and dealt with most of the other issues. Including another remote site that lose the ability to make ouside calls. Since everything at the site was working, I figured it was the provider. It took them 2 days to get someone to test it onesite, but they said everything was fine. We decided to reboot the router, just to try and it seem to “fix” the problem. But in the mean time, the site that went live Wenesday night want was working great on Thursday lost their ability to make calls today. We tried rebooting their router and we though it “fix” the issue. But we didn’t test incoming calls to them which is still not working!!! I feel SO useless right now. I haven’ t been involved in the network details of this project and so I don’t even know the IP addresses of most of the equipment or how things where configured. Plus other than the tech onsite for most of our Implantmentation, the company we used has been useless. They have their main VOIP guy so busy he can’t even follow up on problems after the go live day.

ARRRGGGG, sorry I just had to complain.

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