Thecus N5200 3.5TB NAS Appliance Reviewed

I was going to order two buffalo tech 2TB pro units on Monday. but these devices look VERY interesting. I like the Nsync feature to auto replicate to another unit…. Which is what I need to do…I don’t look like these units are available until the end of this month…

I’m a storage junkie. I have 1TB in my Media Center, and it hardly seems like enough now. I have personally wanted to stick a NAS device on my home network, and it appears that if money were no object (it is), HEXUS thinks the Thecus N5200 NAS Appliance is not only worthy of being on my network, it is made for the enthusiast within me (the one that gets in money fights with my wife all the time). With 5 available, hot swappable SATA drive bays, the N5200 is not necessarily meant for the average home user. However, small to medium sized offices and enthusiast home users will definitely want to take note – the Thecus N5200 is a real winner. More…

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