Stupid back plane

I’m finally leaving work today. I got called at 7:30 because users couldn’t connect to our ERP system. I remoted in and the server looked fine. So I called the database guy. He made a change and the users could connect.
At about 1PM I get a call from the database guy that he was in looking at the server and saw I bunch of “failure to write” errors. (I didn’t see anyting when I looked in the morning) At this time I’m shopping about 30 minutes away. I ask if production is still running. Not sure, I get called back at 2:30 (still shopping) production is running and database is down.

So at 3 I come in and take a look, amber lights on the mirrored set that is the c: drive….not good. I reboot the server and the lights turn green, hooray. I still call dell and ask them to ship the parts.

Well the parts finally arived and where installed. All the hardware seems to be up, I emailed the dba and I’m going home.


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