Microsoft Standard User Analyzer


The Standard User Analyzer
helps developers and IT professionals diagnose issues that would prevent a
program from running properly without administrator privileges. On Windows
Vista, even administrators run most programs with standard user privileges by
default, so it is important to ensure that your application does not have
administrator access as a dependency.

Using the Standard User Analyzer to
test your application can identify the following administrator dependencies and
return the results in a graphical interface:

* File access
* Registry
* INI files
* Token issues
* Security privileges
* Name
space issues
* Other issues

This tool also complements the
Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0. ACT 5.0 will include a User Account
Control agent that you can deploy to user desktops to identify applications that
require administer privileges. The Standard User Analyzer is designed to be run
on the developer or tester’s workstation to test and troubleshoot a specific
application. Issues identified with the Standard User Analyzer can also be
entered into you ACT 5.0 database so you can track the application compatibility
across your environment.

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